How Shaolin kids become FLYING MAN

Time:2017-12-25 03:43:39

At the Beijing Olympic Games closing ceremony , 199 students from Shaolin temple Tagou Martial Arts School performed “bounce flying guy” . With the music ,they jumped 3 meters high and turned somersaults freely .Made all kinds of hard actions, That made a lot of viewers curious : how can they do this?
The answer is one kind of specialized apparatus—Tanyuelong(skyrunner) were bound with their legs.
Last Sep.21st, Shaolin temple Tagou Martial Arts School ordered the first of Tanyurlongs(skyrunners) ,and handed out them to students.
Skyrunner is one kind of extreme sports in developed countries of Europe and North America,but it is not popular in China.
At the Beijing Olympic Games closing ceremony, it is the first time the skyrunner was used in so big activity,and this was also the first time Shaolin kids performed with skyrunners.
In one year training,the school had ordered 300 pairs skyrunners from Zhejiang PowerWell (Bowei) Industrial & Trading Every skyrunner was made based on performer’s height and weight.
The skyrunner is made from high-stength fiber material which weight is 9kg.At first,the Shaolin kids must run 16,000 to 300,000 meters with 10kg sand bags bound with legs everyday. Later, they changed the sand bags to iron plates,and the weight was added up to 20kg.Two months later,they almost adapted to the weight of the skyrunner,,and move freely.
As the foot area of the skyrunner is not more than one match box size, therefore , when they make hard action,they must maintain the stability of land,which is the most important training task.